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Ladies, Cloth + Design has all your contemporary clothing needs covered.
We embrace the continually evolving style of our customers from urban to classic, beach to boho, or workday to weekend.
Cloth + Design is here to help reveal, encourage, and express the true beauty of every woman!

Cloth + Design all started with a dream!
Have you always known what you were meant to do with your life? The passion ran through your blood like fire, but didn’t know where to begin?
That’s me, Sydney.
Many years of countless hours, sleepless nights, and a lot of dreaming has led me to the vision of Cloth + Design. I have ALWAYS had a passion for
helping others through art, design and creativity. Cloth + Design was created with a vision from the combination of growing up on the coast of
NC, many years of working retail for local small businesses, as well as some of the industry’s largest names.
This experience led me to my final decision to open an online store and a brick + mortar store in Wilmington, North Carolina! I look forward to
growing, learning, and experiencing this journey with all of you!

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